Medical Marijuana Card NY

The Medical Marijuana Card (New York Edition)

We’ve broken down the process for getting a medical card in New York State in a way that’s easy for all potential patients, veterans and newcomers alike. Keep in mind that while this gives a pretty good gist of the process nationwide, procedures may vary from state to state. There’s one thing you’ll need no matter where you live: patience.
Registration Basics — Here’s a quick snapshot of need-to-know New York Steps:

1. Contact a DOH-registered practitioner to see if one’s ailments warrant the use of medical marijuana by visiting the NY Department of Health website at

2. Obtain a certification from said practitioner that recommends one’s candidacy for NY State’s medical marijuana program. Book early, appointments are in high demand.

3. Register online at; pending the approval of their application, the patient will receive their card via mail.

4. Once the patient receives their card, they can purchase products from one of the state’s 25 registered dispensary locations!

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