Marijuana Card Statistics

Marijuana Card Statistics and Facts


Arizona Medical Marijuana Card Statistics

As of April 2018 there were over 173,191 Valid Arizona medical marijuana cards have been issued and are still active.

MN marijuana card statistics


(OR) Oregon marijuana card statistics  – January 2019 – There were 31,251 AUTHORIZED MEDICAL MARIJUANA CARD HOLDING PATIENTS REGISTERED IN AND OUT OF THE STATE.


Washington marijuana card statistics – 36,925 MEDICAL CARDS CREATED as of December 2018

California California has of May 2018 wins with 915,845 patients carrying active medical cannabis cards in the state



As of March 10 2019 CT boasts 32853 registered medical weed cards to patients


Colorado medical-marijuana-statistics-and-data Data as of Feb 2019

2019 statistics​​

As of February 2019 Colorado has over 86,832 medical marijuana cards that are active (not Expired)


NM New Mexico has 70,109 as of February 2019